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We’re an online wedding blog that focuses on well… all things weddings! Dreaming of the perfect world where every bride gets her fairy-tale party, we’ve pledged to be the best online resource for every woman when it comes to planning for that special day.

If you’ve only recently been asked the question or just having a bit of a snoop around online for some ideas and inspirations regarding how you’d picture your big day (don’t worry we all do it) then you’ve found the perfect site!

Combining our passion and interest together with the fascination of weddings, we decided to create this blog as a haven for other wedding obsessed individuals to unite.

If your family and friends are currently fed up with all the ongoing bridal talk, it’s completely understandable. Sometimes it’s healthy to talk about other things rather than just your marriage ceremony, but then again we completely understand just how excited you are as well!

Your nuptial celebration should mark a momentous occasion where you and your partner will welcome the next chapter of your lives together in witness with your family and friends in a ceremonial procedure, and of course followed by some delicious food and carefree dancing.

Planning your celebration is a long and detailed process where you must consider a number of factors. The best way to stay on top of things while avoiding unplanned disasters is to construct yourself a wedding checklist, and we’ve got a printable template sample you can refer to!

First and foremost you must agree with your partner what your budget will be and secondly, what theme you want to pursue with your special day.

Aside from that you must also anticipate what your bridal gown will be, the food, your bridesmaids, venue, cake, and what seems like a billion other elements!

But fear not, we’ll be your wedding guide guru and lead you into a successful stress free planning process. With so much information to assist you with research surrounding your big day, you’ll love this effortless experience while happily avoiding the title “bridezilla”.